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What's the difference between dust and Fanning teabags?

Teabags are usually made from the opposite – low tea grades, such as dust and fannings. Dust and fannings are smaller pieces of tea, so they have a larger surface area than whole leaves.

Also Know, Why are tea bags made out of fannings?

Like a punch in the face, quality fanning-based teas give everything they’ve got into that first steep. Cost – Generally, since fannings are the product of industrial farms they are produced in bulk at a lower cost. This makes tea bags filled with fannings easy to find and cost effective.

Accordingly, What's the difference between CTC and dust tea bags? ‘CTC’s are divided into different sizes, one of which is described as ‘Dust’ because it’s the finest grade made – not a helpful description. The most common size used in tea bags is called ‘Pekoe Fannings’, which is larger.

Thereof, What's the difference between dust and Fanning tea?

Dust is a fine powder, much finer than fannings, made of tea particles left over from producing higher grades of tea. Tea made by pulverizing larger pieces of leaf or the tea plant, such as Matcha, is not classified as dust. OPD - Orange Pekoe Dust

Likewise, How does loose leaf tea get its shape?

‘Loose tea comes from pressing and rotating the green leaf between two metal plates that curl and twist it into shape. To make teabag size tea, the leaf falls between two large rollers lined with sharp teeth, which produces smaller, more granular pieces.’

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