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What do you understand by Cold War?

A cold war is a state of conflict between nations that does not involve direct military action but is pursued primarily through economic and political actions, propaganda, acts of espionage or proxy wars waged by surrogates. This term is most commonly used to refer to the Soviet–American Cold War of 1947–1989.

Correspondingly, What impact did the Rosenberg trial have on society?

The Rosenberg Trial. Espionage was a major concern for the United States government during the Manhattan Project. Some of the individuals who worked on the Manhattan Project were spies and provided valuable information on the design of the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.

Likewise, Who did the Rosenbergs spy for? Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were executed after having been found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage. The charges were in relation to the passing of information about the American atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.

Just so, Who sold nuclear secrets to the Soviets?

Klaus Fuchs, Physicist Who Gave Atom Secrets to Soviet, Dies at 76.

Also question is, Who gave nuclear secrets to Russia?

Klaus Fuchs is considered to have been the most valuable of the Atomic Spies during the Manhattan Project. A drawing of an implosion nuclear weapon design by David Greenglass, illustrating what he supposedly gave the Rosenbergs to pass on to the Soviet Union.

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