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What are the negative effects of drinking coffee?

Drinking coffee increases the heart rate and blocks adenosine, a chemical in the brain that causes you to feel tired. Coffee releases adrenaline, which can lead to jitters and mild anxiety. Caffeine, the active stimulant in coffee, can cause some negative reactions, especially when coffee is consumed in excess.

Also asked, Why is the roast level of coffee important?

The roast level of the coffee determines pretty much everything. It is the roast level that may give you a taste of raw coffee or a completely burnt one. Various people prefer their coffee in various ways.

In this manner, Which is better for you light or dark coffee? Light roasting preserves the anti-inflammatory properties of coffee, while the dark roast is best for weight loss and anti-aging, due to the high presence of vitamin E and glutathione. As mentioned earlier, the coffee roast is subjective. Therefore, you may want to ask yourself which health benefit in coffee is more important to you.

Secondly, Which is healthier dark roast or light roast coffee?

Light or dark roast, which is healthier? In a new study, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, Korean researchers found that light roast is healthier than dark roast. Light roast coffee retains much of the chlorogenic acid present in coffee beans.

Moreover, Is it safe to have one cup of coffee in the morning?

For those ultra-sensitive to caffeine it is hard to determine an exact caffeine safe limit. Some people can have one cup of coffee (100mg-120mg) in the morning and still fail to get to sleep that evening. This is well after the caffeine’s effects should have worn off as it does for “normal” caffeine consumers.

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