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Is it safe to drink a lot of beer?

Of course, since you’re on a beer blog right now reading this, it’s probably a safe bet that you drink a slightly higher than average amount of beer per year. No matter how much you drink, there’s no denying that beer’s popularity continues to soar high. As such, so has the desire to drink a beer that won’t adversely affect your health.

Beside this, Is it OK to drink 4 beers a day?

And whatever type of beer you’re drinking, neither 4 nor 12 beers a day is a good option! In fact, it’s the way to a whole range of problems with your mental and physical health. Almost as important as how much beer you drink is the way that you drink it.

Simply so, Is there a link between beer and heart disease? The study, funded by the Dutch Foundation for Alcohol Research, an alcohol-industry group, set out to see whether nutrients found in beer -- but not in red wine or liquor -- could reduce blood levels of a substance linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Similarly one may ask, How is drinking beer good for your health?

A pint a day can slash your risk of heart disease by a third, according to experts from the Mediterranean Neurological Institute in Italy. In a study of more than one million men and women experts found moderate beer drinkers had a 42 per cent lower risk of heart disease that those who don't drink.

Secondly, How much beer is good for Your Heart?

For the best protection they recommended drinking one pint of five per cent alcohol beer each day. It's not the only study to find beer is good for the heart. Research presented at the American Heart Association in 2016 found moderate drinkers had the slowest decline in good cholesterol levels and were better protected from heart disease.

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