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Is it dangerous to drink coffee with high blood pressure?

Most experts agree that caffeine of coffee can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure (BP). Though the effect is temporary, but it may be dangerous for those with hypertension. How about with decaf coffee (decaffeinated coffee)? Does it also have the same effect?

Similarly, How does drinking decaffeinated coffee affect your blood pressure?

Well, first of all, if you’re drinking decaf coffee, then you’re reducing your caffeine intake. And that’s important because research carried out by Duke University Medical Center revealed that caffeine consumption of 500mg increased blood pressure by 4mmHg, and that effect lasted for many hours.

One may also ask, Is it safe to drink coffee before blood pressure test? Coffee intake is not suggested before blood pressure measurement and in those with high cardiovascular risk and unstable BP. Habitual coffee intake probably be protective over 3∼4 per cups/d among habitual alcohol intake or nonsmoking males and premenopause females, mainly related to gene, caffeine and chorogenic acids.

Herein, What happens to your body when you cut back on coffee?

A lot more research needs to be done on how coffee might alter your gut microbiome, and how cutting back might shift its composition and affect your health. Dr. Cutler tells Bustle that for some people, coffee can make bowel issues worse, so if you have a history of bowel problems, cutting back with your physician's guidance might be a good plan.

Considering this, How does coffee and caffeine affect your memory?

Coffee and caffeine may also affect your memory, but the research on this is mixed. Some studies have found that caffeine may enhance short-term memory (23). Other studies report no effects on memory or have even found that caffeine impaired performance on memory tasks (24, 25, 26).

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