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How does the acid in coffee affect your body?

It's not just the acid in the coffee you have to worry about. Digestion requires your own body to secrete acid, and the roast of your coffee actually has an impact on how much stomach acid you produce.

Beside this, Why do some coffees have less acidity than others?

For instance, ‘lighter’ coloured coffees have a sweeter taste and therefore have less acid. Other coffees that are ‘tangy’ or ‘bright’ have higher levels of acid in them.

Similarly, Which is better for coffee cold or hot water? However, unlike more traditional steeping methods that use hot water, the cold water creates a smoother cup overall that is not under-extracted. The French press coffee is another common brewing staple that coffee lovers tend to incorporate into their morning routine.

Also question is, What does the golden ratio in coffee mean?

Golden Ratio stands for the perfect balance of coffee and water developed by the SCAA to ensure the best cup of coffee. This is a dream come true for every barista and coffee lover and confirmation that you have mastered the perfect way of coffee brewing!

Subsequently, How much coffee is in 6 cups of coffee?

For 6 cups, use 90 grams or 12 tablespoons of coffee. For milder coffee, use 72 grams or 9.5 tablespoons. How much coffee for 8 cups? For 8 cups, use 120 grams or 16 tablespoons of coffee. For milder coffee, use 96 grams or 12.8 tablespoons. How much coffee for 10 cups? For 10 cups, use 150 grams or 20 tablespoons of coffee.

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